So you are looking to purchase a phenomenal Land Rover but you are stuck wondering how you are going to sort out all the Land Rover Finance. Well look through this post as here we will tell you all about the Freedom deal currently available from Land Rover.

The Freedom deal is great if you are looking for regular monthly payments of a set amount. Moreover it will allow you the security of having a guaranteed future value for your car should you look to sell it. The way the deal works is you choose your brand new Land Rover and state the mileage per year you intend to do and then you decide on the amount of time you want to have the loan over. In some cases you can have the deal for up to 60 months. When the dealer has the mileage and the time length then they can calculate the future value of the car which will be an optional final balloon payment. The value the state for the car is the taken away from the current price of the car and you make regular payments based on the remaining balance including the interest.

Final Choices with Freedom Land Rover Financing.

When the agreement closes then you are given several choices on what you are allowed to do within the deal. The first choice you have is to get a new car obviously it would be from the dealership. The dealership will offer you a price for you car and if it is over the minimum value the stated at the start of the deal then you can use this extra money as a down payment on your next car. It is possible also to try and sell you car privately for a higher amount and if you can do this you would have to pay the minimum to the dealer and you can pocket the remaining amount for your land rover finance.

The second option you have is to just keep the car by paying the agreed minimum value. Or alternatively you can just return the car and as long as the mileage is within what you have agreed and the car is in a fairly good condition allowing for wear and tear then you will not be charged any further amounts.